It is important in the development of a project such as this that the “team” has not only experience building in the area – but that the team consists of people with minds just like you. Our team is not just a group of professionals set out to create another community that we can “sell” and then move on. Each and every one of us feels as though Playa Crystal is a place that we could call home. We all come from similar walks of life in which the concept of resiliency and sustainability really strikes a chord with us. Yes, we have been through the ropes with many successful projects in Europe, United States, and the Dominican Republic, but we also understand that this community is about something truly different. As the economic crisis progressed, and current events are unfolding the way that they are – we now believe that it is “now or never” for a community that will both act in harmony with the environment AND the residents within. We believe that there need be very few sacrifices when it comes to ecological sustainability and the luxuries that we are used to. This brings us full-circle to the Playa Crystal Eco-Luxury concept. Our unique spin on a eco-resort type community offers you the relaxation and amenities of this part of the Caribbean, the quality construction that will withstand the elements and the test of time, and access to a sustainable lifestyle you truly would have to see and experience to believe. When you’re in the area in the Dominican Republic please feel free to stop by the Casa Mar office in Bavaro to talk to us about the sustainable lifestyle and Playa Crystal.