Is this a resort or a private community?

Technically this community could be considered both. Playa Crystal is a private residential community, however due to the unique amenities, the location, and the uniqueness, many of our residents may decide to place there residences within our rental program. This rental program will be outlined in depth at a later date, but will likely draw from the tourist demographic visiting the area.

What is the difference between resilient, off the grid, and sustainable?

The resiliency aspect of Playa Crystal will become self-explanatory when residents come to realise that life (their life and the life of the community) is largely dependent on itself and less so on outside influences. As we will still utilise the grid system in the Dominican Republic, it will be difficult to say that this is an off the grid community. We will have full off grid capabilities. We will not be reliant on the grid. While we will be using many recycleable materials and natural building materials, we will, inevitable be incorporating modern luxury conveniences into our community. A clear, universally accepted definition of sustainability remains elusive, however we will strive to conserve an ecological balance with Playa Crystal.

Why is this so affordable?

This is not a project about getting rich or making money. This is a dream turned reality for our team of developers to create a place that we would be honoured to call home. The prices will reflect “getting the job done” and simply that. We’re not here to line our pockets – we’re here to create a community in which we all can thrive together.

Why is there a review process and approval process for each potential resident?

We review and talk with each and every interested party in order to see if this community is a fit for you. As we are a small community, we wish to – and we have the ability to – determine who this opportunity is for, and who it isn’t for. Living overseas is not for everyone.

How isolated is this place?

Depends on your definition of isolated. We’re about 4 hours from the Capitol Santo Domingo. We’re about 2 hours from Punta Cana. We’re about an hour from Higuey. Whatever your needs in “civilisation” if you will, you will be able to find it. You’re not going to be trapped out in the middle of nowhere but you will be far enough away to where you won’t be bothered by the headaches of the city. These cities offer excellent healthcare, there is a medevac helicopter that is easily available – so isolation is really a “flexible” term.

Why wouldn’t I just buy a cheap condo in a populated area?

If you want. You’re on the wrong website if that is the case. How many resilient condo communities in a location we described can you come up with off the top of your head? When the power goes out what are you going to do? When you don’t get along with or have any control over who comes into your community what are you going to do? You know the life to expect with a condo – you make the comparison!

What will I need to go without in this community?

You’ll adjust quickly. There won’t be a need to dress up when you go out. Going out will be in a bathing suit or a bath robe if you wish. We’re not saying you should go without clothes, but you can certainly go without the stress that society places on you. All joking aside, as with any community of this nature, you will want to adjust your usage of things like water. For example, a lot of us are used to leaving the faucet running while we brush our teeth. You really wouldn’t want to do that much here. When you see what nature is able to provide for you – and in the luxurious way it will – you’ll change your way of being pretty quickly. You’ll do without the fast food, you’ll do without the need to drive around “running errands” all the time. There are things that you will do without but not in the way you may think. It will be a choice, not a punishment.

Will this be a good investment?

Investing in real estate in the Dominican Republic is a great investment in and of itself. Remove your mind from the way the economic system typically work – specifically the system which helped cause the recent real estate bust. The Dominican Republic was relatively immune to this economic crisis. There are very few mortgages here. People pay cash. People from all over the world buy here, which means, at any given time, there is always some demographic seeking a safe-haven for their money or simply a great investment. Because people pay cash for their properties, there really was no sub-prime or other mortgage crisis here. Foreclosures are few and far between, and property values as a whole never dropped – only held their place. The Dominican Republic offers a great quality of life and a great price. Banks offer incentives to bring your money here – your investment into the Country is welcome. You’ll be paid very high interest rates in order to place your money in Dominican Pesos – the currency of choice – on deposit accounts. Rental rates are strong – this is the Caribbean and this is where people want to be.

Describe the average meals that can easily be had from the land(s)?

Who’s going to operate this thing?

Why should I believe the developers can do this project?