The truth is that for many of you this life will be different. This new way of living is not about sacrifice. Quite the contrary. It is about abundance. Imagine for a moment that all of your everyday stresses have diminished into barely a passing thought. You are free to pursue your passions. There are no “heavy weights” upon your shoulders. You a free to imagine. You are free to explore. You are free to experience. You a free from chaos. You are reliant solely upon yourself. The life that seems so unobtainable is really right at your fingertips. Life is laid back. Life should not be about anxiety, making ends-meet, and “burying” your goals and ambitions. Life should be about personal choice and the ability to achieve great things. In order to achieve any of these things you must learn to set yourself free.

Now picture yourself living a life of complete relaxation. You’ve decreased your dependency on outside negative influences. Through our community you can now enjoy what really matters in life. The location we have chosen for our resilient community is paramount when it comes to an enjoyable and diverse lifestyle. The Dominican Republic literally offers something for everyone. There are endless untouched regions in the Dominican Republic, perfect for exploration and adventure. We are situated in the heart of true natural beauty. This part of the island of Hispaniola offers miles and miles of near-virgin beaches and turquoise waters. Just of the coast is a large tropical reef that not only acts as a natural breakwater, but also as a home for many species of marine life. From scuba diving to snorkeling we have you taken care of at our community. Playa Crystal works hand-in-hand with a premier community in Punta Cana where we have access to many adventures, tours and excursions – all of which arrange transportation specifically for residents of Playa Crystal.

Being in the Dominican Republic, all of the activities from kite surfing to horseback riding, deep sea fishing to golfing, shopping and dining are just a drive away. Yes, you are “away from it all” but you are never more than a short trip to a nearby city. When you feel compelled to get back to the hustle and bustle, the Dominican Republic will deliver. Spend a weekend or so in Santo Domingo or head over to Punta Cana. The beauty of our community is that not only will you not need to leave often, but you will desire to stay at home just a little bit longer!