As you drive through the sandy roads, slightly off the beaten path, you make your way up and over a series of crests. Breaking through the palm trees you can catch a glimpse of the ocean in the distance. You know you’re getting close now – close to your new home. Eventually you approach our coral stone wall with decorative entry gate. Only residents and their special guest can expect to enter. We’re a secure community. We have 4 security guards both day and night – keeping an eye on the community yet at the same time welcoming the rare passerby. Once inside, you’ll notice the unobtrusive yet modern structures we call home. These simple geometric shapes curiously blend with the surrounding landscape. Each residence is arranged in a crescent shape within the walls of the community. Each residence (you may learn more about the residences by clicking here) is uniquely situated on the site to provide excellent views and access to the courtyard terrace and pool areas. Walking around the grounds from the parking area (we allow but highly discourage the use of personal vehicles versus our community bio-diesel van) you will notice the lush tropical gardens, with stone lined pathways that meander their way through what appears to be a tropical paradise. Upon walking through the tropical gardens you will come across the community garden areas. It is here, in these professionally maintained plots, where you will find your very own “personal” planting area. There is a planting area for everyone in which food products can be grown. The beauty of this part of the Dominican Republic is that the growing season for many products is year-round. Ninety percent of what you’ll find on your dinner table can be found directly from our gardens. It is the remainder that will be sourced from neighboring communities that have been growing and raising product for generations. This is a sustainable life.

Beyond the gardens you will come to the courtyard and terrace. On the terrace one will find the “gathering” area for Playa Crystal. A pool, a bar, a grill with cafe complete the picture here. Take a dip in the pool any time of the night. The community is quiet so relaxation at the pool or bathing in the sun will always be a private, serene experience. Sip drinks under a palapa (palm) roofed seating area and bar, or cozy up to a nice cup of fresh brewed espresso at our cafe and grill next to the pool. It is at this grill where our onsite cook will prepare foods sourced from our garden and other local gardens. From breakfast, lunches, to dinners, there is something for everyone at this little Playa Crystal grill. The menu is whatever mother nature chooses to offer for that day.

The pool area then leads you to the trails to the beach and the surrounding lands. This is where you adventure begins.

In keeping with the resilient community concept, it is important to note that Playa Crystal will make use of the latest in alternative energy technology and sustainable living products. With utility costs high on the island (the Dominican is primarily diesel powered) alternative energy sources become not only a viable alternative, but a must when it comes to living in the Dominican Republic. Through our experience with prior projects we have learned which elements (products) work well to offset energy cost and which products are more “trendy” than functional. We have not only incorporated the use of these energy saving and producing products, but also incorporated sustainable fresh water sources as well.

Did you know that relying on one “large” energy generator (whether it be wind or solar) is not the best solution for a community but rather to incorporate many various elements, each responsible for different power “duties”??

Did you know that 1 inch of rain on a 1,000 square feet (93 m2) roof yields 623 gallons (2358 litres) of water and the Dominican Republic receives an average annual rainfall in coastal areas of 53 inches and in mountainous areas of 98 inches?? This is more that enough for your grey water needs. The proper catchment basin will suffice.

Of Important Note – This community will NOT be an off-grid community per the generally accepted definition of off-grid. Playa Crystal will be able to operate independently from the grid when need be, but will make use of services when seen fit. This protects the residents from any unforeseen circumstances.